Competitions begin

Posted on: 26 April

Lengthy discussion took place in regards to processes to activate the club competition.

John Henderson raised a few safety matters which members suggested ideas to minimize risks.

While all members were keen to see the competition recommence, a deal of suggestions arose whereby reducing the risks of COVID 19.

Finally, procedures were agreed upon as follows:

  • Same restrictions as we currently have.
  • Members arrange their own playing partner
  • Tee off between 9:00 to 10:30am ..allowances for other times
  • Tee off from the 1st & 10th Tees only
  • Arrive and leave when finished…no gatherings
  • Members to place cash in an envelope and place in club door slot and to be collect in a few days by Ross Thompson
  • No nearest to pins
  • Both players names & scores to be recorded on each player’s score cards for checking

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